Benefit from the Convenience of Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Lawyers | Financial Advisers UK wide | Family Counsellors

Collaborative Trained Professionals to Support You

Our services give you access to specially trained collaborative family lawyers, divorce financial advisers UK wide, leading divorce counsellors, family counsellors and psychologists. This collective network truly believes in resolving family disputes amicably and out of Court.

The legal process only adds to people’s pain and leads to irrational actions that can do serious harm to a person’s case.

That’s why the Collaborative Family Law Group (CFLG) West Midlands team is committed to an alternative way… a better way that helps everyone move forward positively.

Finding the Right Family Lawyer and Adviser for You

With so much at stake, we understand that choosing the right West Midlands family lawyer and professional adviser for your case is important to you – especially if you want to avoid damaging confrontation.

People feel empowered and supported by the services provided by CFLG because they are convenient, time and cost-effective, and minimise stress and reduce fear.

You have access to the following professionals at CFLG:

Collaborative Solicitors

CFLG has a number of specialist family lawyers who are collaboratively trained and Resolution accredited. Our collaborative solicitors are committed to the process and genuinely want to keep you case out of the Courts.

We strongly believe in the collaborative process and our unique network stands by the process to give you unrivalled support and tailored advice, working in your best interests and the interests of your whole family – especially your children. Our collaborative solicitors can help with:

  • Collaborative Divorce

  • Making Child Arrangements

  • Connecting you with Divorce Financial Advisers UK-wide

  • Connecting you with Divorce Counselling Specialists, Family Counsellors and more

Financial Advisers

CFLG gives you access to specialist financial advisers in the West Midlands and nationwide. Involving a financial adviser in the collaborative process provides peace of mind for both parties that the financial aspects of a divorce or separation are settled fairly.

Our professional, financial advisers can help you navigate complex financial issues, including:

  • Pensions
  • Mortgages
  • Investments and more

If there are complex financial issues to resolve as part of your split, our independent financial advisers will be able to give an overview of where the likely issues will arise and provide some initial guidance, which will save you time and expense later on.

Our financial advisers will also be able to articulate complex issues in a straightforward way allowing both parties, whatever their financial experience, to better understand what their options are.

Professional Financial Advice 

In some cases, in order to gain a clear understanding of the financial issues to be discussed, your CFLG lawyer – with your consent – will invite relevant financial professionals to join collaborative meetings or provide written information to assist in your discussions.

For example, where the assets of your marriage include a business, it can be very helpful to involve a forensic accountant to provide a valuation of the business, together with information about the tax implications of any proposals you may have for dealing with the business on separation.

Similarly, where there are pensions to be considered, pension experts can provide valuations and other information about pension assets to help inform your discussions, and ensure you understand the implications of any decisions you wish to make.

Our collaborative family lawyers will work with financial professionals who are appropriately qualified, understand how to work in the collaborative process and add value to your case.

Divorce Counselling/Family Counsellors/Psychologists

Separation and divorce can be emotionally challenging, even within an amicable collaborative process. We put your wellbeing at the heart of the process.

Family and Divorce Counselling

Working with one of our family counsellors, divorce counselling specialists or qualified psychologists can help you overcome the grief process that comes when divorcing.

There’s no shame in seeking help because it empowers you to explore the underlying difficulties that may have contributed to your marriage ending or help you arrive at decisions that are best for you and your children.

Working with a family counsellor or psychologist can help you manage the collaborative process even more effectively. It can give space for any anger to be let out, or help you resolve a dilemma you have been struggling with.

The Value of Counselling 

Clients we have worked with have valued our divorce counselling services because it helps to make sense of what is going on for them, to share the significance of the divorce process and any anxieties it generates and have a sounding board to share the variety of viewpoints of family, in-laws, friends and solicitors they are contending with.

Divorce has a tendency to raise difficult and painful feelings from the past, which people thought were parked. We can support you to move from pain to possibility.


Our specialist psychologist is able to assess the impact of your situation on the social, emotional and mental health of your children.  This can help inform discussions regarding shared care, change of school and determine whether any therapeutic support might be helpful.

Our aim is always to empower you to be as effective as you can be in your collaborative meetings so the decisions you make are as informed as possible.