Collaborative Family Law Group West Midlands

Helping You Resolve Family Issues Out of Court

Helping You Resolve Family Issues Out of Court

Helping You Resolve Family Issues Out of Court

A black family using the collaborative law process

Hi, we are the Collaborative Family Law Group (CFLG). 

You are here because you are looking for help to keep your divorce or separation out of the Courts, right? Then you are in the right place…even if you found us by accident. The collaborative law process can help.

Black family using the collaborative law process.

Welcome to the Collaborative Family Law Group

Looking for an approach where you are supported throughout to resolving family issues out of Court? We specialise in the collaborative law process, serving the West Midlands.

Committed, caring, conscientious

We are a committed, caring, conscientious, and close-knit family of legal, financial and counselling professionals. Together, we can help you resolve issues arising from your divorce or separation through a collaborative approach created by family lawyers.

Perhaps you are still friends with your spouse or partner, and you don’t want to put each other or your children through the stress of involving the Courts in your divorce. Maybe you own a business together and you don’t want it to suffer because of your separation.

Whatever your situation, the collaborative route could be right for you. A collaborative divorce lawyer can help you to deal with your divorce or separation at your own pace, and keep you in control of proceedings.

You set the agenda

Collaborative family law applies a softer approach to resolving family issues, allowing you to set the agenda and work through child arrangements, financial agreements, and asset division without worrying about Court deadlines or matters being taken out of your hands.

Our role is to advise and represent you at face-to-face meetings, offering suggestions to help you meet your needs and achieve your objectives through the collaborative law process.

How you benefit from the collaborative law process

  • Keeps your legal costs down

  • Less stress

  • Keeps you out of Court

  • No Court assigned deadlines

  • You control the process

  • Saves you time

  • Prioritise what matters to you

  • Every specialist you need is in one place for convenience

The collaborative law process can be applied to any situation, including:

A separating couple trying the collaborative family law process.

Divorce or separation

Hiring a collaborative divorce lawyer can help you with financial settlements.

Financial settlements

Child contact arrangements +

The collaborative approach diffuses disputes and encourages co-operation and respect, allowing you to find closure and move on with your life. The Collaborative Family Law Group will be with you every step of the way, offering reliable advice and representation to achieve a positive outcome, amicably.

Why the collaborative approach works .

Family disputes can be destructive – particularly when cases go to Court. The collaborative process is constructive, offering an alternative pathway to resolving disputes through agreed settlements and a non-hostile approach.

Collaborative law is non-confrontational, with informal meetings at neutral venues to encourage a respectful atmosphere. Our specialist collaborative lawyers will attend meetings with you to put you at ease and offer rational advice when you need it most.

What the Collaborative Family Law Group West Midlands can do for you

Our collaborative members partner with you to guide you through the process, prioritising what is important to you and doing everything possible to achieve the outcome you want.

The CFLG team are fully trained and qualified Resolution collaborative law practitioners, which means that we are well placed to support you, giving you peace of mind that your case is in good hands.

“At a very hard time in our life, we were able to work through our separation amicably and without the stress of going to court. I would recommend collaborative law to anyone in our situation.”

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