Susan Davies


Susan Davies


Pickerings Solicitors off collaborative divorce lawyer services.

01827 317070

Pickerings, Etchell House, Etchell Court, Bonehill Road, Tamworth B78 3HQ

Susan is an expert Divorce solicitor who has practised family law in Staffordshire for over 26 years. Susan has a sound understanding of the emotional impact of separation and the need for clear, friendly and practical advice.

Susan has assisted many clients with their collaborative cases over the years and recognises the enormous benefits to her clients who have been able to use the collaborative process to resolve their issues. Working alongside other collaboratively trained professionals during the process really does give a holistic approach to what is understandable a very difficult time for separating people.

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Louise Dewell


Louise Dewell

Chartered Legal Executive

Collaborative Family Law Group partner, Glover Priest Solicitors.

01543 253000

Glover Priest, Cathedral House, 5 Beacon Street, Lichfield, WS13 7AA

I am a Resolution Accredited Financial Planner and also a Pension on Divorce Expert. I have been providing support to clients and professionals with regard to divorce for over 20 years. I adopt a can-do approach and am always inventive in seeking solutions.

I am passionate about finding solutions using collaborative law and I am co-chair of the Collaborative Working party within Resolution.

I will always say if I don't believe my advice or support is required as I do not believe that clients money should be spent unless it needs to be..

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Julie Slater-Williams


Julie Slater-Williams

Associate Partner and Collaborative Solicitor

Keelys Solicitors uses the collaborative law process.

01543 420011

Keelys LLP, 28 Dam Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 6AA

Julie has been qualified for over 15 years. She has specialised in family law throughout that time. Julie qualified as a Collaborative practitioner in 2018 and really enjoys this way of working.

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Rhonda Bradshaw


Rhonda Bradshaw

Family Law Executive (Head of Matrimonial Finance & Collaborative Law Dept)

Work with a Moseleys Solicitors collaborative divorce lawyer.

01543 414 100

Moseleys Solicitors, Compton House, Bore Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 6LL

With significant experience in dealing with divorce and what can often be complex financial and property issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship, Rhonda has chosen to focus on this area of law and has carved out an excellent reputation amongst her peers in this specialised field. Rhonda achieves excellent results for her clients and is regarded as a high profile practitioner renowned for the energy and passion she employs on behalf of her clients. Specialising in this area of law means that Rhonda regularly deals with challenging issues arising from a marital breakdown to include complex business structures, property/land disputes and trust elements, as well as pensions and maintenance. Having established a good network of professional contacts to include family mediators, financial advisors, accountants, therapists and barristers, Rhonda is able to call on and work along with such other professionals to the benefit of her clients as required.

When dealing with what is often an emotional time for her clients, Rhonda’s working ethos is to ease her client through the necessary process, employing a pragmatic and realistic approach to the effort of finding a resolution to the issues as swiftly and as cost effectively as possible, doing so in a conciliatory yet focused manner. Rhonda is passionate about delivering the best service possible to all of her clients and works hard to ensure that she and her team continue to deliver a beneficial outcome to her clients. Working in a collaborative process means Rhonda can ensure that parties deal with difficult and emotive issues in a dignified manner, giving control to the parties, and not the lawyers to make sure that parties can make decisions that are best for them and their family. Employing her wealth of skills and knowledge in this particular field of matrimonial finance Rhonda is very well placed to serve her client well throughout.

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